• Orchestra Board 2021–2022

    Sage Lee



    Major: Information Science & English (Music minor), '22

    Instrument(s): Cello

    Fun Fact: Currently obsessed with NieR: Automata...

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Exploring Taiwan with the people I would eventually come to call my best friends -- collectively, Boiled Squad.

    Timothy Eng

    Vice President


    Major: Physics (CS Concentration) & Music, '22

    Instrument(s): Oboe, Piano, Conducting

    Fun Fact: I've been getting into birding and photography recently!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: The 2019 tour to Taiwan - performing, exploring, and making friends!

    Tairan Zhang

    Secretary & Treasurer


    Major: Government and Information Science, '24

    Instrument(s): Violin

    Fun Fact: I can play ping-pong with either hand but can't catch things to save my life!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Participating in the incredible "CSO Online" speaker series!

    Danielle Levanti

    Fundraising Chair


    Major: Information Science, '24

    Instrument(s): Violin

    Fun Fact: I love trail running and hiking! If anyone has any recommendations please let me know!

    Favorite Cornell Memory: My friends and I ran to every West Campus dining hall right before they closed to use all of our leftover meal swipes on ice cream. It was amazing.

    Nancy Zhang

    Alumni Relations Chair


    Major: Hotel Administration, '24

    Instrument(s): Flute

    Fun Fact: I've taken my dog on a flight before!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Having the opportunity to play in the orchestra in-person during Spring 2021.

    Lindsey Forg

    Publicity Chair/Photographer


    Major: Environment and Sustainability, '22

    Instrument(s): Viola

    Fun Fact: I embroider one bird every week!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Orchestra Tour in Taiwan getting to explore Taipei and get extremely cheap bubble tea daily.

    Kyra Watts

    Social Chair


    Major: Physics & Computer Science (Music minor), '24

    Instrument(s): Violin

    Fun Fact: My family is from an island in the Caribbean called Trinidad :)

    Favorite Cornell Memory: Watching the sunset on the slope with friends towards the end of this past spring semester


    Orchestra has played such an important role in my life in the past decade, and I hope to help continue to grow the community in the Cornell Orchestras so that it can do the same for others.

    Ronan Everett

    Website Manager


    Major: Mathematics, '24

    Instrument(s): Cello

    Fun Fact: I enjoy playing and learning about chess

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Recording with CSO at the end of the spring semester.

    Cella Kove

    Newsletter Chair


    Major: Computer Science and Physics

    Instrument(s): Viola and Piano

    Fun Fact: My great grandfather taught King Mihai of Romania how to ski

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Playing Appalachian Spring during SP21