• Orchestra Board 2017

    Paul Huang



    Major(s): Chemistry and Biology, '18

    Fun Fact: In a past life I played the saxophone. I also really like cookies (see photo).

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Performing Mahler 6 in Argentina, oh and also eating giant portions of Argentinian steak at group dinners.

    Austin Bates

    Vice President


    Major: HBHS, '19

    Fun Fact: While in Peru, I ate an alpaca while wearing an alpaca sweater as I watched an alpaca walk by.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Getting lost for 2 hours in Neuquen, Argentina, in the middle of the night!

    Meghan Powers



    Major: Bioengineering, '18

    Fun Fact: I have a fluffy puppy named Zola, and she is very interested and confused about instruments and music and always comes over to watch me practice!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Definitely our concert in Neuquén, Argentina, where we performed the entire Mahler 6 symphony with the Neuquén Symphony Orchestra.

    Felice Liang



    Major(s): Chemistry and Biology, '19

    Fun Fact: I ride the unicycle!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Playing the entire Mahler 6 with the Orquesta Sinfónica del Neuquén.

    Emma Billmyer



    Major: Statistics, '18

    Fun Fact: I am a huge Syracuse Basketball fan!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Playing Mahler 6 in Argentina with the Neuquen Orchestra!

    Grace Hwang

    Fundraising Chair


    Major: HBHS, '19

    Fun Fact: I love puppies & kittens

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Walking in the Limay River on the Argentina tour

    Emilie Camera

    Alumni Relations Chair


    Major: Mechanical Engineering, Grad

    Fun Fact: I like to Latin Dance! (Salsa, Merengue, Bachata)

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: The Mahler 5 performance in the freezing cold Dublin church

    Katie Stawiasz

    Social Media/Publicity Chair


    Major: Chemistry, '18

    Fun Fact: I looked like the Michelin Man as a baby and required special cream to keep my fat rolls from chafing.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Playing Mahler 6 in Argentina. Watching a whole community come together reminded me why I keep playing.

    Zeyu Hu

    Social Chair


    Major: Environmental Science and Sustainability, '19

    Fun Fact: I can "play" the trumpet

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Zaaaaaaaaaaa

    Sara Jenab

    Outreach Chair


    Major(s): Government and Spanish, '19

    Fun Fact: I'm a backpacking instructor at COE!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: When Chris said "my red accent is somewhere you can't see" (on his shirt cuff) on the Salt Lake City tour.

    Eric Shen



    Major(s): Physics and Music, '20

    Fun Fact: I only wear shorts.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Making memes out of everything Chris says. (Actually though, on the top of a mountain in Argentina watching the horns play while there's mist surrounding us from all over in addition to a double rainbow, and then meeting a 50-year Cornell alum)

    Sarah Park

    Newsletter Editor


    Major: Policy Analysis and Management, '21

    Fun Fact: I like all kinds of bears! I also have a panda face as a mousepad.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Playing Tchaik 6!

    Aditi Athavale



    Major: Computer Science '19

    Fun Fact: I speak four languages to some extent

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Performing in Neuquén, Argentina, because it seemed like the entire town was excited for our performance, which made us that much more excited to perform.

    Sabrina Chen



    Major: Chemical Engineering, '20

    Fun Fact: I love baking, decorating, and eating desserts

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Bonding with Argentinian musicians despite the language barrier!