• Orchestra Board


    Sage Lee



    Major: Information Science & English, '22

    Fun Fact: The cat's name is Funky Boye ^^

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Exploring Taiwan with the people I would eventually come to call my best friends -- collectively, Boiled Squad.

    Tiffany Chan



    Major: Food Science '22

    Fun Fact: I can fall asleep very easily.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory:  Playing with Dr. Kim; she's amazing!!

    Alex Castroverde



    Major: Nutritional Science

    Fun Fact: I worked with hawks, eagles, and owls since 4th grade.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Playing with Ariana Kim

    Jonah Capella

    Fundraising Chair


    Major: Biology and Chemistry, '21

    Fun Fact: I have a biphasic sleep schedule. Yes, it's terrible.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Taiwan! Trying not to get lost while transferring lines on the subway, eating literally everything, knitting in the lobby of the hostel, and getting to know other members of the orchestra better.

    Christine Sit

    Alumni Relations Chair


    Major: Environmental and Sustainability

    Fun Fact: I have attended 4 schools in 4 different years (I'm a transfer student who has done two study abroad programs).

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Tour. All of it.

    Grace Tran

    Publicity Chair/Photographer


    Major: Art History, '23

    Fun Fact: I'm from Portland OR, the best foodie city in the US. Don't @ me

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Getting to hear from two Pulitzer Prize winning composers and the concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic during quarantine.

    Yawen Ding

    Social Chair


    Major: Computer Science, '23

    Fun Fact: I also play baritone in the big red marching band!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Watching Ariana Kim play the Beethoven Violin Concerto with CCO

    Min Lee

    Newsletter Editor & Webmaster


    Major: Information Science, Systems, and Technology, '22

    Fun Fact: My left pinky is longer than my right pinky from violin.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Exploring Taiwan for the first time and sharing music with the best people!