• Orchestra Board


    Eric Shen



    Major(s): Physics and Chemistry, '20

    Fun Fact: I only wear shorts.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Making memes out of everything Chris says. (Actually though, on the top of a mountain in Argentina watching the horns play while there's mist surrounding us from all over in addition to a double rainbow, and then meeting a 50-year Cornell alum)

    Plato Deliyannis

    Vice President


    Major: Physics, '20

    Fun Fact: My favorite aircraft is the 747, and my favorite car is a minivan!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Taiwan Tour: a week of adventures, friends old and new, scrumptious food, intense rehearsals, a wonderful performance with the TSO, and of course playing Mahler for the first time.

    Margaret Anne Ziccardi



    Major: Government, '22

    Fun Fact: I enjoy a good game of double, triple, quadruple solitaire. Is it still solitaire if you play with other people?

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Watching the sunset from a gondola in Taiwan while listening to Mahler 1.

    Sarah Edinburgh



    Major: Hotel Administration '20

    Fun Fact: I won the concerto competition for my high school.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Collaborating with youth orchestras in Taiwan!

    Justine Shih

    Fundraising Chair


    Major: Biometry and Statistics/Biological Science, '20

    Fun Fact: I love figure skating and dancing!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Getting to meet and work with Wynton Marsalis!

    Hannah Faulwell

    Alumni Relations Chair


    Major: Urban and Regional Studies, ‘22

    Fun Fact: I’m double jointed (this isn’t very violin-compatible, but, you know, so it goes).

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Running down the street in Taiwan to get to rehearsal on time because we spent too long in 7/11.

    Lindsey Forg

    Publicity Chair/Photographer


    Major: Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, '22

    Fun Fact: My viola has been to 9 countries with me!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Hiking elephant mountain in Taiwan and being super out of breath while elderly people breezed past us.

    Vineet Kamat

    Social Chair


    Major: Physics/Computer Science, '21

    Fun Fact: Some say that I appear on high value stamps in Sweden and that I can catch fish with my tongue. Sadly I am not the Stig.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Any of Professor Kim's ad libs is a treasured memory of mine.

    Sage Lee

    Newsletter Editor & Webmaster


    Major: Information Science & English, '22

    Fun Fact: My favorite Pokemon is Bulbasaur. My boyfriend is my standpartner. These facts are absolutely related.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Exploring Taiwan with the people I would eventually come to call my best friends -- collectively, Boiled Squad.