• Cornell Orchestras Crowdfunding Campaign 2017-2018

  • Support the Cornell Orchestras

    John Hsu Fund

    To support the activities of Cornell Orchestras, please consider a donation to the John Hsu Orchestra Fund. The John Hsu Orchestral Fund serves as a permanent legacy to his fifty years of teaching and focuses on enriching funds for orchestra activities at Cornell, such as future tours, retreats and guest artists. The Cornell Music Department has provided the initial seed money for this new endowment fund; its growth will be dependent on targeted donations from the greater Cornell community. To sustain the vitality of this lasting legacy to Professor Hsu and orchestral music at Cornell, contributions to the fund are encouraged and greatly appreciated. Follow the link to donate.

    General Orchestra Fund

    We use this category for purchasing all manner of things necessary for the operation of the two orchestras at Cornell including instruments, rental of music etc. Follow the link to donate.

  • Sponsors

    Contact gwh77@cornell.edu if you would like to become a sponsor!