• Justine Shih

    Major: Biometry & Statistics, Biological Sciences

    Fun Fact: I can make a dinosaur figure with my fingers

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Wynton Marsalis Concert

    Other Musical Experiences: hanging out with CSO violas

    Theo Lee-Gannon

    Major: Human Biology, Health and Society (HBHS)

    Fun Fact: saw K.K.Slider perform live in 2013

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Touring Taiwan with CSO

    Other Musical Experiences: part of the Cornell cello ensemble, currently preparing for my senior recital, Boiled Squad

    Chloe Amsterdam

    Major: English, with a minor in Music

    Fun Fact: I've been to 22 other countries.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Riding in the back of a UHaul with CCO to get to our performance

    Other Musical Experiences: touring China with my high school orchestra

    Angela Lee

    Major: Nutritional Sciences with a minor in Music

    Fun Fact: I once spent $30 on paper washi tapes because I thought they looked really pretty. I haven't used any of them since because I don't know what to do with them.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Every moment with the orchestra is a memorable and amazing time.

    Other Musical Experiences: I've been a violinist in the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras for 8 years before coming to Cornell! Come say hi if you're an alum :)

    Corey Zheng

    Major: Biological Sciences

    Fun Fact: I backed into a police car in an ambulance once.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Henry. But actually, CJ.

    Other Musical Experiences: Does dancing count?

    Dominic Grasso

    Major: Environmental Engineering

    Fun Fact: I held a Guinness World Record for the "World's Largest Yoga Lesson" for a year :)

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: When Guillermo first met Pidge in Taipei <3

    Other Musical Experiences: I am a member of The Original Cornell Syncopators (an early-age jazz group on campus), I have been able to record an album while at Cornell, I have been on tour with the CSO to Argentina and Taiwan, and I have tutored a student as part of the Cornell Music Mentors program for the past two years.

    Sabrina Chen

    Major: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering

    Fun Fact: I like to decorate cakes! My latest have been a stegosaurus and an airplane, both 3D.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Pig roast banquet in Argentina

    Samantha Huang

    Major: Environmental and Sustainability Sciences

    Fun Fact: I play cello and piano, and I've been picking up guitar.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Joining a squad of three cellists, a violist, and an oboist, and committing to post-rehearsal dinners at Okenshields.

    Other Musical Experiences: Touring in Taipei, Taiwan, rehearsing with Wynton Marsalis, participating in the Worthy 2017 concert, playing in the Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and Hochstein Philharmonia.

    Kasim Khan

    Major: Chemical Engineering with a minor in Business

    Fun Fact: My name is on the wall of the Uris Cocktail Lounge.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Having fun at the orchestra after-party in Argentina following a killer Mahler 6 concert!

    Carley Eschliman

    Major: Atmospheric Science, Communication

    Fun Fact: I've visited the capital buildings of 27 states

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Being taken to the hot springs and exploring Taipei with a couple of the Taipei Symphony Orchestra members (we ate some VERY good ramen)

    Other Musical Experiences: former member of the Cornell Wind Ensemble

    Michelle Quien

    Major: Chemical Engineering

    Fun Fact: I've taught myself to write legibly with my non-dominant hand throughout college.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Enjoying the night markets of Taiwan after rehearsals during our Taiwan tour.

    Other Musical Experiences: While in Ithaca last summer, I performed with the Grassroots Orchestra for the Grassroots Festival. In high school, I performed with the Philadelphia Sinfonia youth orchestra for four years. I can also play the cello and piano, having taken 10 years and 7 years of private lessons respectively. I also teach piano through the Cornell Piano Society.

    Sarah Edinburgh

    Major: Hotel administration with concentration in finance

    Minors: Real Estate and Information Science

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Collaborating with youth orchestras in Taiwan!

    Other Musical Experiences: I was a first-violinist in the Minnesota all-state orchestra. I was also in the top orchestra of the Greater Twin Cities Youth symphonies where we traveled to Spain and Argentina. Lastly, I was the concerto competition winner for my high school.

    Rudy Peterson

    Major: CS & Physics

    Fun Fact: I watched Game of Thrones within 3 weeks.

    Other Musical Experiences: CU Winds