• 2022–2023 Seniors!

    Sage Lee

    Instruments: Cello, Piano
    Ensemble: CSO
    Majors and minors: Information Science and English with a minor in Music
    Fun Fact: My favorite Pokemon is Bulbasaur, and I associate a lot of my college experience with the concept of a Bulbasaur (It's complicated)
    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Going on tour to Taiwan in 2019 was one of my orchestra highlights. I'm still super close with so many orchestra friends due to how Taiwan strengthened all of our relationships. I miss Taiwanese popcorn chicken... and the cheap boba... and subway station waffles...
    Other musical experiences: I spent all four years at Cornell playing in chamber groups! I was in a piano trio (with Jen Yi and Madeline McCanne) for a few years and am now in a string quartet (with Maggie Gaus, Grace Tran, and Tanvi Athavale) for my senior year. I've also been playing video game OSTs (namely Undertale, Hollow Knight, and NieR) on piano on the side, which has been keeping me sane throughout the pandemic. :-) Oh, and I've been on orchestra board since 2018!
    Email: sl2364@cornell.edu

    Tim Eng

    Instruments: Oboe, Piano, Conducting
    Ensemble: CSO
    Majors and Minors: Physics (CS Concentration) and Music
    Fun Fact: I've been getting into birding and photography recently!
    Favorite Orchestra Memory: The 2019 tour to Taiwan - performing, exploring, and making friends!

    Lindsey Forg

    Instrument(s): Viola
    Ensemble: CSO
    Major(s) and Minors: Environment and Sustainability, Minor in Music
    Fun Fact: I embroider one bird every week!
    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Orchestra Tour in Taiwan getting to explore Taipei and get extremely cheap bubble tea daily.
    Other musical experiences: I also play guitar and violin, and I sing!

    Amy Wang

    Instrument(s): Flute
    Ensemble: CSO and CCO
    Major(s) and Minors: CS major, Music Minor
    Fun Fact: I've never been a gamer, but quality soundtracks have gotten me into video games recently
    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Playing Pines of Rome!

    Hannah Faulwell

    Instrument(s): Violin
    Ensemble: CSO
    Major(s) and minors: Major: Urban and Regional Studies; Minors: Policy Analysis and Management, Music
    Fun Fact: I'm double jointed (which kinda sucks for violin)
    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Nightly scallion pancakes/Revolver happy hour in Taipei
    Email: hcf29@cornell.edu

    Anna Perry

    Instrument(s): French Horn
    Ensemble: CSO
    Major(s) and minors: English, Philosophy with a minor in Law & Society
    Fun Fact: I can tell the time (with a ~5 minute margin of error) by looking at the sun
    Favorite Orchestra Memory: My favorite orchestra memory is definitely of our 2019 Taiwan tour! It was great to become closer with my section and make lots of new friends from the other side of the globe, all while playing beautiful music, exploring a new country, and practicing my Mandarin with the locals :)

    Patricia Ku

    Instrument(s): Violin
    Ensemble: CSO
    Major(s) and minors: Hotel and Restaurant Administration, with minors in Music and Architecture
    Fun Fact: I'm sort of a part-time almond butter dealer in Collegetown... check out @sqrrlfood on Insta! (;
    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Performing with my best friends in Taiwan and with my family in the audience for the first time! And of course I can't forget the papaya milk, scallion bread, and Min's 360 vlogs...
    Other musical experiences: I've played piano all my life and am excited to try a hand at the organ for the first time with Professor Yearsley's organ class. I also (attempt to) play the uke on my free time!
    Email: pk465@cornell.edu

    Claudia Xue

    Instrument(s): Viola
    Ensemble: CCO
    Major(s) and minors: Hospitality Major, Computer Science and Real Estate minors
    Fun Fact: I went to culinary school last year
    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Playing Mozart freshman year

    Aidan Cuite

    Instrument(s): Violin
    Ensemble: CSO
    Major(s) and Minors: Computer Science & Music
    Fun Fact: I enjoy composing
    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Performing in Taipei with the TSO

    Myriam Ginsparg

    Instrument(s): Viola
    Ensemble: CSO
    Major(s) and Minors: Information Science