• Kristi Lin, Viola, CSO

    Major: Information Science

    Fun Fact: I am part of Cornell's Chinese yoyo / diabolo performance group!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Argentina! Playing Mahler 6 with the Neuquen orchestra to a full crowd was an indescribable feeling.

    Grace Hwang, Violin, CSO

    Major: HBHS

    Fun Fact: I love puppies and kittens

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Walking on the Limay River in Argentina before our Mahler 6 performance

    Cindy Chen, Viola, CCO

    Major: Biometry & Statistics

    Fun Fact: I can lick my elbow.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Salt Lake City Tour for the CODA Conference with CCO. I'm so old that nobody remembers what that is anymore! Also all the friendships I've made in my (now 4th) years at CCO <3

    Lily Hemler, French Horn, CSO

    Major: Food Science

    Fun Fact: I have 2 pet rats on campus! Their names are Roger and Snert

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Drinking wine and dancing all night after performing Mahler 6 in Argentina

    Newton Ni, Violin, CCO

    Major: Computer Science

    Fun Fact: I have three younger siblings, including a brother named Isaac

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Busking in Salt Lake City International Airport

    Meghan Powers, Viola, CSO

    Major: Biological Engineering, Grad

    Fun Fact: I also play in the pit orchestra of Anything Goes, Cornell's musical theater troupe!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Standing on the top of a mountain in Bariloche and watching rainbows form over the lake as the horns played the instruments they had carried all the way!

    Lia Chen, Piccolo, CSO

    Major: Human Development

    Fun Fact: I can beatbox!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Waking up before sunrise to hike the Andes during our Argentina tour

    Felice Liang, Violin, CSO

    Major: Chemistry and Biology

    Fun Fact: Though I've lived in Boston for a long time, I'm originally from Germany!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Sharing Yerba Mate with the 2nd violins in the Orquesta Sinfonica del Neuquen the day before our joint Mahler 6 concert!

    Varun Biddanda, Viola, CSO

    Major: Spanish and Biological Sciences

    Fun Fact: My last name means "Of those who fall down"

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Collaborating with an orchestra in Neuquén, Argentina

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