• Katie Stawiasz, Oboe/English Horn, CSO

    Major: Chemistry

    Fun Fact: I looked like the Michelin Man as a baby and required special cream to keep my fat rolls from chafing.

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Playing Mahler 6 in Argentina. Watching a whole community come together reminded me why I keep playing.

    Claire Hacker, violin, CCO

    Major: Biological Sciences

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: CCO's tour to Salt Lake City in January 2016. Everything about it was a dream - from bonding with other orchestra members, to performing for the College Orchestra Directors Association conference, to the snowy mountains, to playing in the beautiful Natural History Museum with Ian Doyle.

    Fun Fact: I enjoy decorating cakes!

    Meghan Powers, Viola, CSO

    Major: Bioengineering

    Fun Fact: I have a fluffy puppy named Zola, and she is very interested and confused about instruments and music and always comes over to watch me practice!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Definitely our concert in Neuquén, Argentina, where we performed the entire Mahler 6 symphony with the Neuquén Symphony Orchestra. Everybody in the city knew about the concert and there was this crazy atmosphere of excitement and wonder the whole time we were preparing for the concert, something that I had never experienced in the States. Being able to bring this wonderful music to so many people, and to experience performing it with professional musicians was an honor that I will never forget.

    Jennifer Zhang, Flute, CSO

    Major: Biological Sciences

    Fun Fact: I figure skate!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Exploring Ireland with CSO and playing Mahler in some really cool locations!

    Ariel Buehler, Viola, CSO (Ph.D.)

    Major: Food Science

    Fun Fact: I've played in orchestra for over 15 years!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Playing Mahler 5 my first semester with CSO!

    Emma Billmyer, Cello, CSO

    Major: Statistics

    Fun Fact: I am a huge Syracuse Basketball fan!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Playing Mahler 6 in Argentina with the Neuquen Orchestra!

    Patrick Lynch, Cello, CSO (Jan '18)

    Major: Physics

    Fun Fact: My house has a bunny!

    Favorite Orchestra Memory: Tour to Ireland and Chris's food analogies