• Cornell Symphony Orchestra

    Fall 2017

    * indicates principal (updated August 25, 2017)

    Principal/Concert master leader team

    Julie Choe, HBHS, '20

    Kristy Liao, Computer Science, '18

    Sarah Edinburgh, Hotel Administration, '20

    Isabelle Aboaf, Policy Analysis and Management, '21

    Garrett Levesque, Chemistry, '18

    Mitch Dominguez, Mechanical Engineering, ‘18


    Violin 1

    *Julie Choe, HBHS, '20

    *Kristy Liao, Computer Science, '18

    *Mitch Dominguez, Mechanical Engineering, ‘18

    Bryan Zheng, Engineering Physics, '19

    Paul Huang, Chemistry, Biology, '18

    Meredith Young-Ng, Electrical and Computer Engineering, '20

    Angela Lee, Nutritional Sciences, '20

    Sarah Park, Policy Analysis and Management, '21

    *Isabelle Aboaf, Policy Analysis and Management, '21

    *Sarah Edinburgh, Hotel Administration, '20

    Stephanie Sun, Computer Science, ‘18

    Gavin Batsimm, Chemical Engineering, '21

    Felice Liang, Chemistry and Biology, '19

    Meredith Abato, Government, '20

    Dominic Grasso, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, '20

    Leah Rosendahl, ILR

    Grace Hwang, HBHS, ‘19

    Marena Elle Minelli, Biophysics, Grad


    2nd violins 

    Garrett Levesque, Chemistry, '18

    Varun Biddanda, HBHS, ‘19

    Felicia Guo, Electrical and Computer Engineering, '21

    Deva Devanandan, Computer Science, '21

    Ashrita Raman, Computer Science, '21

    Xiaofan Gong, Applied Economics and Management, '21

    Jeremy Wang, Biological Engineering, '21

    Stephen Sansoterra, HBHS, '20

    Yuxin (Charley) Chen, Operations Research and Computer Science, '18

    Grace Horton-Smith, Mechanical Engineering, '18

    Uche Chukwukere, Biochemistry, '21

    Emilie Camera, Mechanical Engineering, Grad

    Palini Ramnarayan, Computer Science, '21

    Kristen Huie, Mechanical Engineering, '21

    Geneva Notario, Biology, '21

    Amber Wiens, Computer Science, '19

    Zeyu Hu, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, ‘19

    Susi Varvayanis, Biology & French, other

    Aditi Athavale, Engineering, ‘19



    *Ariel Buehler, Food Science, Grad
    Adeline Balfour, Music, '21

    Justine Shih, Biometry and Statistics, '20
    Colby Johnson, Mechanical Engineering, '20

    Patrick Ding, Engineering, '21

    Amanda Xu, Chemical Engineering, '21

    Jonah Capella, Biological Sciences, '21

    Corey Zheng, Biology, '20
    Vineet Kamat, Physics, '21

    Meghan Powers, Biological Engineering, '18

    Kelsie Lopez, Biological Sciences, '21



    *Jeremy Gershonowitz, Materials Science & Engineering, '18

    Theo Lee-Gannon, HBHS, '20

    Alison Hsieh, Undecided, '21

    Cameron Wong, Human Development, '20

    Emma Billmyer, Statistics, '18

    Samantha Huang, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, '20

    Benjamin Kim, Chemical Biology, '21

    Ashley Chung, Food Science, '21

    Patrick Lynch, Physics, '18

    Eugene Kim, Computer Science, '20

    Nathaniel Williams, Philosophy, '18

    Karl Mobed, Computer Science, '21

    Michelle Croen, Bioengineering, '21



    *Blake Himes, Biological Sciences, '21
    Brett Sawka, Physics, '21
    Kirkland M Sugrim, Undecided, '21

    Giancarlo Valdetaro, Atmospheric Science, '21

    Tom Leeson, MD
    Stewart Schwab, Law Professor



    *Jennifer Zhang, Biological Sciences, '18

    Lia Chen, Human Development, ‘20

    Ada Zhu, Animal Science, '21



    *Katie Stawiasz, Chemistry, ‘18

    Michelle Quien, Chemical Engineering, ‘20

    Joy Zhang, Computer Science, '21

    John Guo, Undecided, '21

    English Horn

    Katie Stawiasz, Chemistry, ‘18



    *Brian Schaefer, Physics, Grad

    Matthew Kimn, Economics, ‘19

    Sabrina Chen, Chemical Engineering, '20

    Bass Clarinet

    Rebecca Kimn, Biological Sciences, '21



    *Josh Woods, Chemical Engineering, Grad

    Greg Cristina, Engineering Mechanics, Grad

    Yuhui Zhou, Chemistry, Grad

    Mike Fang, Computer Science, '21


    Josh Woods, Chemical Engineering, Grad



    *Kasim Khan, Chemical Engineering, ‘20

    Gita Connolly, Asian Studies, ‘19

    Caeli MacLennan, Biomedical Engineering, ‘20

    Lily MacCormick, Information Science, '21

    Lily Hemler, Food Science, ‘19

    Carley Eschliman, Atmospheric Science, '20



    *Lior Kreindler, Physics, ‘20

    *Tharun Sankar, Computer Science, ‘20

    Matthew Haefner, Physics, ‘20



    *Kiersten Rhodes, Government/History/Music, '20

    Jacob Kurisko, Mechanical Engineering, ‘20

    Bass Trombone

    Andrew Cartwright, ILR, ‘19



    Francis Ledesma, Chemical Engineering, ‘19



    Elisabeth Finkel, Undecided, '21

    Mark Koenig, Mathematics, '21



    Elizabeth Mahood, Plant Biology, Grad



    Jeremy Baxter, Music/Statistical Sciences ‘20

    Khai Zhi Sim, Economics, Grad


    Orchestra TA

    Daniel Hawkins, Ethnomusicology, Grad


    Assistant Conductor
    Barry Sharp, Music Composition, Grad