• Cornell Symphony Orchestra

    Spring 2019

    Sections denoted with * will receive their specific seating rotations by this weekend

    ^ indicates principal or co-principal


    Violin 1

    Julie Choe, Human Development, ‘20

    Isabelle Aboaf, Government and American Studies, ‘21

    Julia Lu, Applied Economics and Management, ‘22

    Rafael Torralvo, Musicology, Grad

    Guillermo Alvarez, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, ‘21

    Patricia Ku, Hotel Administration, ‘22

    Seungmin Lee, Civil Engineering, ‘22

    Marena Elle Minelli, Biophysics, Grad

    Dominic Grasso, Environmental Engineering, ‘20

    Hannah Faulwell, Urban and Regional Studies, ‘22

    Gavin Batsimm, Chemical Engineering, '21

    Zeyu Hu, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, ‘19

    Wanxing Lu, Computer Science, ‘21

    Palini Ramnarayan, Computer Science, '21

    Aditi Athavale, Computer Science, '19

    Plato Deliyannis, Physics, '20


    Violin 2 

    Sarah Edinburgh, Hotel, ‘20

    Jueun (Jennifer) Yi, Engineering, ‘22

    Isabelle McDonald, Art History, ‘22

    Stephen Sansoterra, Chemistry, ’20

    Margaret Anne Ziccardi, ILR, ‘22

    Jeremy Wang, Biological Engineering and Computer Science, ’21

    Ashrita Raman, Computer Science, ‘21

    Xiaofan Gong, Applied Economics and Management, ‘21

    Maple Chen, Biomedical Engineering, ‘22

    Eric Shen, Physics and Chemistry, ‘20

    Sara Choi, Communication, ‘22

    Shirley Ren, Biology, ‘22

    Geneva Notario, Molecular and Cell Biology Major, '21

    Susi Varvayanis, Staff



    Justine Shih, Biometry & Statistics and Biological Sciences, '20

    Alexander Zhu, Engineering, ‘22

    Colby Johnson, Mechanical Engineering, '20

    Adeline Balfour, Music and Biology, '21

    Miryam Ginsparg, Math and Physics, ‘22

    Siddharth Gavirneni, Biological Sciences, ‘21

    Varun Biddanda, Spanish/Biological Sciences, ‘19

    Patrick Ding, Materials Science Engineering, '21

    Maggie Gaus, Communication, ‘22

    Jonah Capella, Biological Sciences and Chemistry, '21

    Corey Zheng, Biological Sciences, '20

    Christine Sit, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, ‘21



    Maxwell Watkins, Chemistry, Grad

    Hazel Rivera, Aerospace Engineering, Grad

    Theo Lee-Gannon, HBHS, '20

    Sage Lee, Computer Science, ‘22

    Yuki Chen, Hotel Administration, ‘22

    Samantha Huang, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, ‘20

    Benjamin Kim, Biology and Society, ‘21

    Tricia Park, Computer Science, ‘21

    Julia Ng, Computer Science, ‘21

    Ashley Chung, Food Science, ‘21

    Karl Mobed, Computer Science, ‘21



    Brett Sawka, Electrical & Computer Engineering, ‘21

    Abram Collette, Architecture, '22

    Giancarlo Valdetaro, Government and History, ‘21

    Kirkland Sugrim, College Scholars Program, ‘21

    Blake Himes, Atmospheric Science, ‘21

    Stewart Schwab, Professor of Law



    Joy Zhang, Human Biology, Health and Society, '21^

    Brian Rappaport, Electrical Engineering, Grad

    Angeliki Cintron, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, '22


    Lia Chen, Human Development, '19



    Timothy Eng, Physics, ‘21^

    Joy Zhang, Computer Science, ‘21

    Michelle Quien, Chemical Engineering, '20



    Sabrina Chen, Chemical Engineering, ‘20

    Emily Wood, Environmental Engineering, ‘21

    Alice Kreher, Policy Analysis and Management, '21

    Bass Clarinet

    Rebecca Kimn, Biological Sciences, ‘21



    Josh Woods, Chemical Engineering, Grad

    James Parker, Computer Science and Music, ‘21



    Caeli MacLennan, Biomedical Engineering, '20

    Lily MacCormick, Information Science, '21

    Anna Perry, Computer Science and English, '22

    Carley Eschliman, Atmospheric Science and Communication, '20

    Jordan Robinson, Hotel Management, '21

    Lily Hemler, Food Science, '19

    Kasim Khan, Chemical Engineering, ’20

    Gita Connolly, Asian Studies, '19



    Matthew Haefner, Mechanical Engineering, ‘20



    Andrew Cartwright, ILR, ‘19



    Keshav Ram, Information Science, '22



    Elisabeth Finkel, Computer Science, '21

    Mark Koenig, Mathematics, '21

    Roland St. Michel, Chemical Engineering, '22


    Elizabeth Mahood, Plant Biology, Grad


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