• Cornell Symphony Orchestra

    Fall 2021

    Winds & Brass have rotating principals.
    ^ indicates principal or co-principal

    Violin I

    Tanvi Athavale^, Information Science '23

    Tairan Zhang^, Government & Information Science '24

    Chad Yu^, Mathematics '25

    Serena Yang, Information Science '25

    Jason Steiner, Computer Science '24

    Angie Huang, Undecided '25

    Stephen Sansoterra, MPH Grad

    Hannah Faulwell, Urban and Regional Studies '22

    Marena Elle Minelli, Biophysics Grad

    Vivian Zhao, Biomedical Engineering '23

    Waverly Shi, Biology and Society '25

    Tejal Nair, Math & Computer Science '25

    Aidan W Cuite, Computer Science & Music '22

    Youngeun (Nora) Yang, Biological Sciences '24

    Kyra Watts, Physics & Computer Science '24

    Anna Boese, Mechanical Engineering '24


    Violin II

    Dean Zhang^, Biological Sciences & Computer Science '25

    Irene Hwang, Biological Sciences '25

    Patricia Ku, Hotel Administration '22

    Kristin Tsay, Chemistry '25

    Sophia Ruser, Biology and Society '25

    Isabelle McDonald, Art History & Fine Arts, '23

    Irene Zhang, Mathematics '24

    Quentin Camacho, Mechanical Engineering '25

    Alyssa Koczan, Environment and Sustainability '24

    Susi Varvayanis, Staff

    John ReyMartin, Biology '25

    Karis Park, Biology '25

    Lily DuPlooy, Biological Engineering '25

    Iris Li, Computer Science '23

    Alex Giang, Engineering '25

    Matthew Chin, Biological Sciences '23

    Danielle Levanti, Information Science '24



    Lydia Knecht, Architecture '25

    Sung-me Lee, Biology and Society '24

    Lauren Kam, Computer Science '25

    Daniel Cao, Statistical Science '25

    Matt Lamb, Chemistry Grad

    Brian La, Computer Science '25

    Myriam Ginsparg, Information Science '22

    Dylan McIntyre, Computer Science '24

    Lindsey Forg, Environment and Sustainability '25

    Syon Lee, Biology and Society '25

    Elizabeth Moon, Environmental Engineering '25

    Amanda Rakotoarivony, Computer Science '25

    Nathan Frederick, Chemistry and Chemical Biology Grad

    Annie Riedel, English & PMA '24



    Julia Lee, Music '25

    Hazel Rivera, Aerospace Engineering Grad

    Gianna Weidman, Engineering Undecided '25

    Andrej Dovciak, Undeclared '25

    (Roy) Yeuk Yin Lam, Mathematics '24

    Tomas Kraay, Materials Science Engineering '25

    Sage Lee, Information Science & English '22

    Austin Kwan, Chemical Engineering '24

    Kaitlyn Lee, Biology & Society '25

    Tyler Petrillo, Mathematics & Computer Science '25

    Roosevelt Lu, Biological Sciences '23

    Ronan Everett, Mathematics '24

    Joseph Devlin, Physics '25



    Josh Pickup, Biological Sciences '25

    Benjamin Shearer, Physics '23

    Brendan Goodbred, Environment and Sustainability '23

    Adam Dixon, Mathematics '25

    Trevor Russin, Undecided '25

    Blake Himes, Atmospheric Science Grad

    Steward J. Schwab, Staff



    Amy Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering '23

    Laura Gong, Biomedical Engineering '25

    Jialin Shan, Information Science Grad



    Timothy Eng, Physics & Music '22

    Harim Hahn, Computer Science '25

    Charles Sherk, Computer Science & Mathematics '23



    Richard Zhu, Mathematics '25

    Leo Gilman, Environment & Sustainability '25

    Stanley Chen, Human Development '25



    Aarya Tavshikar, Information Science '24

    Lauren Feldman, Staff



    Yao Wu, Undeclared '25

    Anna Perry, English & Philosophy '22

    Tony Xu, Chemical Engineering '24

    Olivia Penick, Cognitive Science '25

    Alexandra Jackson, Animal Science '24

    Jessica Mandel, Human Development '24



    Omeed Moini, Human Development '25



    Ethan Wolff, Environment & Sustainability '25

    Jacob Brown, Applied Mathematics Grad

    Max Whitton, Environmental Engineering '25



    Hannah Robins, Biological Sciences & Music '23



    Hannah Robins, Biological Sciences & Music '23

    Fiona Sun, Biological Sciences (Pre-Med) '25
    Max Ma, Economics '25

    Mihir Ranjan, Biological Sciences '24



    Yanyu Qi, Law Grad