• Cornell Symphony Orchestra

    Spring 2020

    this roster is continuously being updated!

    * indicates principal or co-principal

    + indicates rotating principals


    Violin 1

    *Julie Choe, Human Development, ‘20

    Tanvi Athavale, Information Science, Systems, and Technology, ‘23

    Grace Tran, History of Art, '23

    Guillermo Alvarez, Earth and Atmospheric Science, ‘21

    Yawen Ding, Computer Science, ‘23

    Dominic Grasso, Environmental Engineering, ‘20

    Marena Minelli, Biophysics, Grad

    Hannah Faulwell, Urban and Regional Studies, ‘22

    Eric Shen, Physics and Chemistry, ‘20

    Gavin Batsimm, Chemical Engineering, ‘21

    Julia Xiong, Human Biology, Health, and Society, ‘23

    Ashrita Raman, Computer Science, ‘21

    Sijia (Rachel) Zhou, Computer Science, '23


    Violin 2 

    *Plato Deliyannis, Physics, ‘20

    Isabelle McDonald, Art History, Fine Arts, ‘22

    Conrad Lee, Human Development, '23

    Aidan Cuite, Music, ‘22

    Stephen Sansoterra

    Haruki Ebina, Physics, ‘22

    Anna Boese, Mechanical Engineering, ‘23

    Palini Ramnarayan, Computer Science, ‘21

    Grace Yao, AEP, ‘23

    Margaret Ziccardi, Government, ‘21

    Thomas Rachman, Biology, ‘20

    Tomer Shamir, Computer Science, '23

    Matthew Chin, Biology, ‘23

    Geneva Notario, Cell and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, ‘21



    *Colin Mitchell Kim, Biological Sciences, ‘23

    Colby Johnson, Mechanical Engineering, ‘20

    Vineet Kamat, Physics, Math, Computer Science, ‘21

    Patrick Ding, Materials Science & Engineering, ‘21

    Arun Chaudhuri, Information Science, ‘22

    Adeline Balfour, Music and Psychology, ‘21

    Sophie Xu-Friedman, Psychology & FGSS, ‘21

    Miryam Ginsparg, Undecided, ‘22

    Corey Zheng, Biological Sciences, ‘20

    Jonah Capella, Biology/Chemistry, ‘21

    Maggie Gaus, Development Sociology, ‘22

    Lindsey Forg, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, ‘22



    +Maxwell Watkins, Chemistry (biophysical), Grad

    +Hazel Rivera Rosario, Aerospace Engineering, Grad

    +Theo Lee-Gannon, HBHS, ‘20

    Emily Yu, Undeclared, ‘23

    Sage Lee, Information Science and English, ‘22

    Tricia Park, Computer Science, ‘21

    Sebastian Guo, Undecided, ‘23

    Pasa Suksmith, Biological Sciences, ‘23

    Roosevelt Lu, Biochemistry, ‘23

    Yuki Chen, Hotel Administration, ‘22

    Sarah Addison, Biological Sciences, ‘23

    Rebekah Pendrak, Mechanical Engineering, ‘22

    Andrew Bell, Psychology, ‘21

    Keonwoo Park, Physics, ‘23



    *Brett Sawka, Electrical & Computer Engineering, ‘21

    Brendan Goodbred, Environmental and Sustainability Studies, ‘23

    Adam Kadhin, Music, ‘23

    Abram Collette, Architecture, '22

    Kirkland Sugrim, Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, ‘21

    Blake Himes, Atmospheric Science, ‘21



    +Tarin Ain, Master of Management in Hospitality, Grad

    +Eileen Tzng, Biology, ‘22

    +Amy Wang, Computer Science, ‘22



    +Estelle Lee

    +Katariina Alanko, Psychology, '22

    +Charles Sherk, Computer Science, ‘23


    English Horn

    +Joy Zhang

    +Charles Sherk, Computer Science, ‘23



    +Sabrina Chen, Chemical Engineering, ‘20

    +Alice Kreher, Policy Analysis and Management, ‘21

    +Rudy Peterson, Computer Science & Physics, ‘20


    Bass Clarinet

    Brian Schaefer, Physics, Grad



    Serena Sanon, Biological Engineering, '21



    +Gabriella Commisso, Environmental Science and Sustainability, ‘23

    +Carley Eschliman, Atmospheric Science, Communication, ‘20

    +Kasim Khan, Chemical Engineering, ‘20

    Lily MacCormick, Information Science, ‘21

    Anna Perry, Philosophy & English, ‘22

    +Gus Petito, Computer Science, ‘23

    Jordan Robinson, Hotel , ‘21

    Caeli MacLennan



    Matthew Haefner, Mechanical Engineering, ‘20



    Kiersten Rhodes, Government & History, '20

    Scott Faber



    Bingjia Wang



    John Smith, Chemistry, '21

    Elisabeth Wang, Biological Sciences, '23

    Jeremy Wang, Biological Engineering, '21



    Elisabeth Finkel, Computer Science, ‘21

    Roland St. Michel, Engineering, ‘22

    Joshua C. Park, Mathematics, ‘23

    Hannah Robins, Biology, ‘23



    Marie Chappell, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, '21

    Liz Mahood