• Cornell Chamber Orchestra

    Fall 2021

    Violin I
    Nanor Seraydarian, Biological Sciences & Music '24
    Kay McIlhenny, Undecided '25
    Tyler Wu, Biological Sciences '25
    Logan Roeling, Undecided '24
    Lisa Yamaguchi, ILR '25
    Sydney Lonker, Healthcare Policy '25
    Freya Nangle, Biological Sciences '25
    Violin II
    Natalie Grieco, Law Grad
    Jack Viehweg, HBHS '23
    Jason Zheng, Computer Science '25
    Ivy Lin, Environment and Sustainability '25
    Sean Wang, Mathematics & Computer Science '24
    Nic Vigilante, Musicology Grad
    Cella Kove, Computer Science & Physics '24
    Joseph Yoo, Applied Economics and Management '25
    Gillis Lowry, Astronomy '24
    Sarah Gates, Physics '25
    Claudia Xue, Hotel Administration '22
    Sung-me Lee, Biology and Society '24
    Meghan Brady-Fuchsman, Policy Analysis and Management '24
    Gianna Weidman, Engineering Undecided '25
    James Koga, Science and Technology Studies, '25
    Adam Czosnyka, Biological Sciences '24
    Aidan McNay, Electrical and Computer Engineering '24
    Grant Wu, Biological Sciences '24
    Emily Penna, Computer Science '25
    Beatrice Pence, Chemistry '24
    Brett Sawka, Electrical and Computer Engineering Grad
    Vinay Bhamidipati, Electrical and Computer Engineering '24
    Aurora Weirens, Biology '25
    Megan Xu, Chemistry and Chemical Biology '25
    Elizabeth Polito, Computer Science '25